Thursday 31 January 2013

A quick glance back to Christmas

My First Night Before Christmas: A Touch & Feel & Sparkle Book
Published by Piggy Toes Press

At Christmas time, what words are more magical than "'Twas the night before Christmas"? Now, the youngest members of your family can have their own touch and feel edition of Clement C. Moore's beloved "A Visit from St. Nicholas." Every reader will find joy in this classic tale of cheer and wonder.

 The whirlwinds called Caitlin and Lewis visited last night. After they'd played a bit, eaten as much of our chocolate as we'd let them, and been rebuffed from playing on my phone, they came running in with this book in their hands. "Auntie Kayleigh," they said, "can you read us this please?" I guess they aren't the only ones wishing they were still on Christmas holiday, haha!

Now, I don't want to start off the reviews with a bad omen, but I have to say, I wasn't impressed with this book. When I bought it, I had been looking for a "baby's first..." sort of book, which is what originally made this book look like a good buy. It's also an (abridged) version of the poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas', which it's my fault I missed. The book is is obviously marketed towards young children. The touch/feel sparkle parts kept Caitlin and Lewis's attention, but I don't think they were quite old enough to understand parts of the poem. To be honest even I'm not entirely sure what a 'kerchief is (unless it's a hanky).

I think once the children start looking at the poem as part of Christmas celebrations at school, they should be fine, but the only thing the book has going for it to keep the attention of children that young is the good illustration, coupled with the touch and feel aspect. I must admit, it did seem a little like it was a book designed to make some quick money.

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