Friday 5 April 2013

Review policy

Since I'm starting to review books that have been given to me, I thought it best to put a review policy here. I wasn't sure what to put, so I used this blog here as a template.

First of all, it needs to be said that I promise to give a completely honest review, but this does not mean positive.  If I don't like it, I'll say so.

What kind of books do you accept for review?
I read a variety of books, but for the purpose of this blog they should be designed for readers aged 18 and under, although I don't mind reviewing New Adult books.  I will consider anything, although so far it has just been fiction.

As you may see from looking at my reviews, I'm not overly keen on books where the main plot relies on a lot of romance, or anything that could be called 'insta-love' - where the characters meet and immediately know this is the love of their lives.

Please note that if you'd like me to read a book that isn't the first in the series and I haven't read the previous books, I'd be grateful if you could supply the previous books for me to read, as otherwise it may take a lot of time/money that I don't have.

What about e-books and audiobooks?
I'll happily accept paperbacks or e-books suitable for a Kindle (that's mobi or pdf). I've never tried listening to an audiobook before, but I'll consider it.

What should I do before making a request?
Have a look around the blog, and see if you like the reviews I've written for other books.

What if I don’t hear from you?
I'll always try and get back to you with something, at least. If not, I may be on holiday or have other things going on. If that's the case, leave me a comment on the blog and I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

What do you do other than reviews?
So far, I've interviewed an author, and posted a link to her giveaway - I'll probably do more as time goes on., and if I'm requested to :-).

What if you don’t like the book?
I do my best to accept only books that I think I will enjoy. However, I honestly review every book that I read, and my acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a positive review. In cases where I didn't enjoy a book as much as I thought I would, I always do my best to describe my reasons in such a way that my readers can draw their own conclusions about whether or not the book would be a good fit for them.

What if you really don’t like the book?
In the very rare case that a book and I don’t get along to the extent that I can’t finish it, I will make every effort to pass it along to another reviewer for whom it might be a better match. I will also occasionally hold giveaways to pass along ARCs that I have already read and reviewed. If you would rather I did not re-send your review copy, please let me know this when you send it.

Where will your review be posted?
All reviews will be posted here, as well as anywhere else that's requested - usually Amazon and Goodreads.

When will your review be posted?
I'd prefer it to be flexible, but if you have a date in mind I'll arrange a rough date when I'm contacted - I'm fairly flexible!

Okay, I’ve read this page. How do I submit a request for a review?
Thanks for looking at my blog, and thanks for asking! If you'd like me to consider reviewing a book for you, please contact me by e-mail at kayleighreviews (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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